Tactical Neural Implant

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First Russian medical exoskeleton goes on trial

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Playing around with Google Glass at work. As soon as I got them on all I could think of was:

But seriously. I want a pair. I can think of some pretty sweet things to do with them. Porn surfing at work is just one.

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Woman being tested for Ebola in Berlin - The Local

Start of the great depop?

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Aphex Twin

Hello 2014

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And no upworthy clickbaiting

Idea: fake Vice-style subculture/lifestyle/travel articles from an imagined cyberpunk future, with all the high tech and low life you can imagine. Complete with hipstery photos of augmented tunneldwellers, betaphenethylamine-addicted bodyswappers, burmese orbital shipwreckers and geneered cross-species simstim porn actors.

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real time face tracking & projection mapping.

warmly recommended to all my followers! MUST WATCH

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